The largest ski area in the Monterosa region with spectacular views over glaciers, the best off-pist terrain, and real Italian character. Champoluc, lying at 1568m, is a genuine alpine village in the Italian Alps. It is the largest ski resort the region that is said to be the Italian “Three Valleys”. The heart of the village is an ancient part from the 17th century, a main square and a main road with hotels, shops and apartment houses. Rather than a typical, overcrowded touristic resort Champoluc is a cosy small town with familiar and easy feelings, where people live all year round.

The mountains around Champoluc and the valley offer spectacular views over the Monte Rosa Massif, a highly developed ski area - Monterosa Ski, a lot of off-pist, ski mountaineering in the wintertime, and a well developed trail system for all kinds of hiking, trekking and top touring during summer. The twenty fourthousanders of the Monte Rosa with their glaciers and mountain huts are famous among mountaineers from all over the world.