Zermatt is a Winter Dream with its beautiful landscapes, impressive view over the Matterhorn, and above all, an unrepeatable atmosphere. The car-free resort is situated in the south-west of Switzerland at 1620m. This idyllic Valais village in the Matter Valley nestled amidst an impressive landscape of mountains and glaciers and enjoys a fantastic panorama of 38 four-thousand-meter peaks. Most of Alpine four-thousanders are located around Zermatt and in the neighbouring valleys.

Zermatt is famous for the Matterhorn. Since 1961, the town has been closed to the car traffic. It is to prevent air pollution and to protect the view of the Matterhorn. There are only electric cars allowed and only for local commerce.

The village of Zermatt is very old.The first ascent of the Matterhorn in the 19th century resulted in the popularity of the resort and the rise of tourism. However, you can still find the Old Zermatt with its wooden houses built for more than 500 years ago. Nowadays, it is undoubtedly one of the best ski resorts and one of the most important climbing centers in the world.