Ski touring

Champoluc - Monterosa

Duration: 4 days
Price: from 200-250 EUR, 300-430 EUR incl. gear
Level: medium-advanced
When: December-April
Max-min persons: 4-7 persons
Included: UIAGM Authorized Mountain Guide all day.

Extra: ABS,Transceiver, Shovel and Pole.

Champoluc is one of three villages connected by the slopes of Monterosa-Ski system. The area, the Ayas Valley, is perfect for off-pist skiing in all weather and at all levels, because of the wide open landscape and broad forests. It is easy to reach dozens of different off-pist tours from the lifts, starting in Champoluc/Frachey, Antagnod and Brusson. Ski touring in the area of Champoluc takes you to unspoiled and wild parts of the mountain and can be done even late spring, when the lift system is closed. Champoluc Mountain Guides are all authorized UIAGM and very experienced in the area. They always put security first! You can read also Polvere Rosa, the most complete guide of all the freeride tours in Monterosa and buy it in our store.

Program proposal
  • Three days
Champoluc ski touring

A typical 3-day offpist in Champoluc:

Evening before start or morning first day: Meeting with the guide and security check of material.

First day: tour around the Champoluc area from the lift system, like Sarezza (12) to Belvedere (13), Serezza to Ciarcerio (13) and Mandria forests (15). Afternoon Bettaforca (16) offpist and Mandria forests.

Day two: Ski tour to lake Perrin, 1,5 hour uphill, on the north side of the Ostafa lift-system (11).

Day three: Bettolina superiore from Bettaforca lift (16) mix of freeride and ski-randonnée—1 hour.

Check the area map and lift numbers. Read also our Freeride program.