Macugnaga is the village that over the years has been a witness to many triumphs and tragedies at the “Himalayan Face of the Alps” – the tallest wall in the Alps. Even though located close to the Milano Airport this Walser village, it remains a calm place surrounded by impressive, mountain landscapes, in the foot of the Dufour peak.

Macugnaga is located at 1327m, in one of the seven valleys that surrounded the mountain, the Anzasca Valley. The East Face of the Monte Rosa - 2600m high and 4km wide – has its history as many famous climbers (Alessandro Gogna, Kurt Diemberger, Hermann Buhl, Patrick Gabarrou) paved the way and conquered the wall. Many others lost their lifes while trying to reach the summit.

A cableway brings skiers from the central square of the town, up to 3000m to Passo del Monte Moro where you can ski on the border with Switzerland. In summer Macugnaga offers perfect trekking and mountaineering trails, and spectaculars views that even inspired the Italian filmmaker, Cristina Comencini who made her film, “When the Night” (2011) in Macugnaga for – as she said – its “impressive position”. It is simply hard to disagree with her.