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Here you can find the perfect program for your next trip. Whether it is skiing or trekking with your family and friends, having a meeting with your colleagues, or joining a group at one of our special trips.

Alta via 1 tour

Alta Via 1, is known as the Via dei Giganti, or “the giants’ trail”. This trekk covers the northern part of the Aosta Valley and leads you through an incomparable scenery, across the foothills of Monterosa, the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. We can arrange the entire tour, all the way from Courmayeur to Gressoney, or selected parts of the route.
Duration: 5-6 days Level: intermediate When: June-September

Capanna Margherita

Punta Gnifetti is nearly highest up on the Monte Rosa, Europe's second highest mountain after the Mont Blanc. The view from here is astounding, with the entire Alps around you and a sea of clouds down under your feet. The stars in the night are brighter then we are used to see in our over lighted cities. This is wilderness on a high level, but with the Italian food and wines culture as a bonus!
Duration: 5 days Level: advanced When: mid June-mid September

Solo Ragazze Winter Edition

Exclusive ski weekend in Monterosa for Solo Ragazze – Ladies Only. Join us for a getaway to the Italian Alps for skiing, relaxing and some luxury. We will spend three full days of skiing in Monterosa.
Duration: 5 days Level: intermediate When: 18-22 March 2020

Ski Touring

Ski touring takes you to unspoiled and wild parts of the mountain and can be done even late spring, when the lift system is closed. There is something about the peacefulness, rhythm and closeness to nature of touring. We offer tours, off all different levels, under the expert guidance of our local, all UIAGM certified, Mountain Guides.
Duration: from 1 day Level: from intermediate When: December-May


Following the idea of the ski-safari we have an itinerary that, using the ski lifts and the helicopter, enable us to enjoy the very best tour over the Alps. A weekend of off-pist combined with heli-skiing. We think that the combination of ski lifts and helicopter is the best way of experiencing the snow conditions. The ski days will follow a program based on the meteorological conditions, the snow and the group's technical level, giving priority to the safety of the group. Have fun!
Duration: from 1 day Level: from intermediate When: December-April