4 Jun 2015

Will we pay more for lifts?

Lifts will not be public transport in Italy.

Cable cars and chairs lifts do not count as public transport. This is what the Supreme Court in Italy has recently ruled. If it comes into effect, it will mean higher tax costs for ski resorts. And for tourists?


The decision of the Supreme Court makes lift owners pay municipal tax on real estate. It caused uproar in ski resorts as it can cause annual costs even 25 000 euros for a 5-setaer chairlift and up to 50 000 euros for a gondola. Now we are facing a discussion about the future of the ski resorts sector

21 May 2015

Let's start the summer! Rifugio Deffeyes opening season

Rifugio Deffeys

Rifugio Deffeyes invites for the summer opening. You can book your stay already and enjoy beautiful mountains lakes in the valley, as well as trek Alta Via.


The Alberto Deffeyes refuge is located in the La Thuile valley at 2494 m.

9 Apr 2015

Long winter stay in Champoluc

Snowboarding in Champoluc

We are three guys from Sweden. We live ordinary lives with work and routines as everyone else back home in Stockholm. But one day, the three of us decided that we wanted to do something different for a while. All of us have a great passion for skiing and snowboarding, so we decided to do a season in the Alps. As we started to discuss where we should go, Italy and Monterosa soon became the obvious place for our visit. 

25 Mar 2015

No skiing in Champoluc, part 2

When you are in Champoluc for one week, and you do not only want to ski, what could you do? I have a job mate at our office, and she says: skiing do many people, so I don’t need to.

There is a point in this indeed. She is in Champoluc one week in early March, and she enjoys. How can she survive in this environment, which is so incredibly dedicated to skiing as Champoluc in wintertime? What else could possibly be done here?

Champoluc Hotel Castor

23 Mar 2015

Spring edition of the Ski for Free offer

View over Champoluc

If you missed the Ski for Free offer in winter there is a chance to get one in the spring edition.

Ski for Free offer is back between the 23rd March and 12th April. If you book at least 4 days in one of hotels that take part in the offer in Ayas and Gressoney Valleys you will get your ski pass for free.

    Please, write to us and ask us your questions, and we will get back to you.