11 Feb 2010

La Grange and snow

When we are in the valley we always go to La Grange to eat dinner once or twice. No place like that! The owner is Chicco and Jo, the brother, and they are also the cooks. Delicious, friendly and cosy. We don’t need any ties and tuxidoes here, only the best Italian food and the feeling they can create.
They started as young guys for nearly 20 years ago, and they are still young today: it must be the food and the guests…

9 Jan 2009

Snow, peace and full moon.

The crowd is gone for this time and Monterosa is breathing again; the cars have stopped ingulfing the only street of Champoluc and the usual peace has fallen down on the valley and her inhabitants. Is it good or is it bad? There are different theories: some finds that the tourism has brought only problems to this heavenly place, others see the mixture of tradition and modernity as civilisation. Something in between would be the best obviously, conscient tourism could bring something to all involved. Why taking the car to drive to the lift when there is a shuttle (no 3 really) driving around the valley from early in the morning to late in the night? Why staying in a 100 meters long irritated cue to buy your lunch when you could go a little bit away from the slope to find a refuge with warm exquisite food and the kindest atmosphere? Why not trying a tour with snow shoes or skins instead of racing downhill for once?

29 Dec 2008

Crowded slopes, we get lost in the woods

It could not be more perfect: sunshine every day and snowfall in the nighttime. Powder and more powder.

21 Dec 2008

Snow snow snow

Here we are now, in Champoluc, swimming in the snow sometimes without a chance to get off. Bartolomeus, 15, is trying to pull himself out the snow masses after a drop, but ends up swimming on the board as a surfer in the waves: no point in getting on your feet, you just disappear and your pals need a shovel to get you off again. If they don't just leave you there till springtime...
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