4 Jun 2015

Will we pay more for lifts?

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Lifts will not be public transport in Italy.

Cable cars and chairs lifts do not count as public transport. This is what the Supreme Court in Italy has recently ruled. If it comes into effect, it will mean higher tax costs for ski resorts. And for tourists?


The decision of the Supreme Court makes lift owners pay municipal tax on real estate. It caused uproar in ski resorts as it can cause annual costs even 25 000 euros for a 5-setaer chairlift and up to 50 000 euros for a gondola. Now we are facing a discussion about the future of the ski resorts sector that is already affected by the economic crisis in Europe. Does it mean higher costs for us - skiers and tourists?

Until now all lifts, both commercial and those serving in remote villages, were a part of public transport in Italy. Thanks to that they have been subsidized. Taking over lifts by the public sector can be one of solutions. However, ecologists stress that we should discuss even more important question regarding the transition not only of the economic ownership, but rather changing a form of tourism into more genuinely sustainable.

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