20 Apr 2014

Powder day in the end of April!

Form one day to another, from bare ground to an amazing powder day. 19 th of April, only three days before closing the snow just kept falling down all day! 


18 Apr 2014

Tack tack tack för en underbar vecka i Champoluc.

Anders och jag fick det bästa mottagandet och guidning av The Alps. Vi kan verkligen rekommendera att använda er av dem.

12 Apr 2014

Working at Campo Base in Champoluc

Busy, busy days! Bartolomeus who is also a seasoneer here in Champoluc hurt his hand a week ago and was unable to work at his job at the restaurant. So I helped him out and took his job for a few days until he gets better. I had to come and work on the busiest days of the whole season and it was a great experience.


12 Apr 2014

I see snow, snow and more snow

The snow just keeps coming and coming here in Champoluc today! I have never seen so much snow falling at once. The whole valley is a snow caos. Everyone is outside digging out their cars stuck under a huge pile of snow. And it is great!

Lots of snow in Champoluc

24 Mar 2014

The magic of snowshoes - By Nastassja Capetillo

When you’ve got just one week in the resort with one of the best skiing in the world you might not think about alternative activities. You might only have one skiing-vacation planned for the whole year so now is the time to make the most out of it. But are you sure you are not missing out on anything by staying on the slopes? We decided to give snowshoes a chance. And it was definitely worthwhile!...

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