13 Nov 2015

51-year-old athlete wins Tor des Geants 2015

tor15_day4_patrick bohard_courthoudph

Severe weather conditions were a reason to suspended temporarily Tor des Géants. However, we already know the winners.

51-year-old Patrick Bohard from Viller Le Lac won the race with the time of 80 hours and 20 minutes. The athlete has almost beaten a record. It is even more admirable if one takes into account a hostile weather that has not make it easy for all participants of the Tor des Géants 2015.

15 Jul 2015

Mont Blanc largest panoramic image

Mont Blanc seen from the Aosta Valley

With 70 000 individual pictures the panorama of Mont Blanc is the largest photography in the world.


The team of photographers led by Filippo Blengini put together 70 000 pictures to prepare the panorama view of the famous Mont Blanc (4810 m),

25 Jun 2015

Travel for free in Ayas

Ayas Valley, shuttle buses for free

During the summer tourists can travel shuttle buses for free in the Ayas Valley.

17 Jun 2015

Top 5 of Alta Via

Alta Via

Alta Via trails are among the most beautiful trails to be found in the Alps. They compose a round circuit around the Aosta Valley on the height, for a distance of 330 km. This summer we offer new program that enable to go through all or selected sections on Alta Via 1 and Alta Via 2. Check out Marta's Top 5 of Alta Via!


You can even download printable brochures (Alta Via 1 and Alta Via 2). In the meantime, we present very special choice of 5 highlights of Alta Via.

8 Jun 2015

Biking and trekking - Monterosa summer 2015

Check for current bike trails in Monterosa

Prepare for summer adventure. It is high time to plan your bike and trekking trip during forthcoming months. Now you can check bikepass fees and gondola rates. Then just choose a map or simply, contact us!


There is new bike map on the Monterosa area available that present routes, including downhill trails. You can complete it with the leaflet describing details of selected trails

    Please, write to us and ask us your questions, and we will get back to you.