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Posted: Mar 15, 2020

In Italy people have found new ways of socializing

Yesterday I got this strange video from my friend Enzo in Milan. He is a doctor and works as usual at the biggest hospital in the city. His wife and their daughter are, as many other who can afford it, at their second home in the mountains - the daughter is also a doctor and she is pregnant, so it is not good for her to be in a hospital working these days. Anyway, in Italy people have found new ways of socializing: aperitivo by video conference, playing opera on the balcony, or simply putting a flag outside all windows of your house. To keep strong and together, because you are strong together in Italy.
Posted: Mar 14, 2020

I am on quarantine in my mother in law's country house

I was too tired upset and lonely yesterday to write my promised daily blog. I am so near my home and yet I must stay here for my own mental welfare and to be able to look in other people’s eyes.
Posted: Mar 12, 2020

This is new and I don’t have a well-formulated answer. Yet.

We buy a flight without money, we eat tomatoes in January in Sweden. Everything is possible all the time. And fast. We are so used to this way of living that it is not even anything we reason about: how is it possible? Is it ok? How comes? Who is paying?
Posted: Mar 11, 2020

Beautiful bridges, with a wind that make my car nearly blow off. Scary as hell.

Thinking that the wind could take with it both sickness and pain.
Posted: Mar 10, 2020

We were happy to have good hackers in our team

What with this threat to all of our health and economy now – do we have hackers good enough to repair the damage? NO. The doctors are kneeling and the hospitals are overloaded. IN EUROPE! Experience from the places where the virus has spread most viciously should be the right way to handle this. Not closing the borders, it makes no sense. STAY AT HOME and don’t try to say that this is someone else’s problem.
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