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Posted: Feb 10, 2011

Finale, a secret place in Liguria, Italy

Senaste import - 02

At the end the sun was shining through the fog and the clouds and we could glide down in clean powder! You can imagine the feeling.

Posted: Jan 28, 2011

No powder - great mountains

For all of you who are looking for powder in the Alps, I have bad news – there is no powder! We are still waiting for a huge snowfall, but it seems like we have to be patient.

it is indeed a spiritual experience to slide down in the weightless white substance coming from the sky and taking away all sounds and noises! But the good news are that we have fun and some real great experience in the mountains anyway.

The sun in the tiny air at 3000 meters above the see makes miracles!

Sunrise at Guglielmina

Posted: Jan 7, 2011

Punta Indren - Monterosa: a challenge for snowboarders

I am a skier and my son – a teen ager and snowboarder – swears I never become a boarder, not only because I am too old, but because it is a way of life that I don’t even get a hint of.

“Mother, you don’t know what it means to chill out”

After last day I can probably understand a little bit better what he means: skiing and snowboarding are two different sports and there is a sort of impossibility to have them in the same pot – not to tell of the same slope!

let’s start at the beginning:

I was supposed to guide 4 boarders for a pist tour of the Monterosa ski area. I took my snowboarding kids with me to be sure my guests from Germany could do with their boards what I was going to take them to.


Posted: Dec 28, 2010

Powder in Champoluc

Happy to have a computer other ways I don’t know what had happened to us sitting 9 hours with Pascal just singing loud and making all kind of noise. A kid in a car for so long as 3 days, I can really suggest you to have plenty of DVDs or downloads!

But we had all sorts of things to look at on the Autobahn and time was not really a problem. Köln to Champoluc took us 9 hours, good for winter and lots of traffic! Look at Santa and the beautiful old Volvo truck:

Senaste 12 månaderna - 203


Posted: Dec 25, 2010

The last miles on the Autobahn and our arrival in Champoluc

Ahh, after a good nights sleep (for everyone except Pascal) in the cabin of the ferry, we are finally in Germany.

But our happiness doesn't last very long, after just a few kilometers we were met by a long line.

We were stuck in this first line for at least 40 minutes and after the first one there was the next one. Of course after that one, an other and so on.

So our view for today was pretty much like this…


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