4 Jan 2016

New site of the new season

Alagna tailor made ski holidays

Winter has  come to Monterosa at last so it is high time to start ski season. This year we open it with a new, refreshed website.

After 20 years with our two websites and - we decided to merge their contents and give them a new, fresh layout. The result is our remade

Author: TheAlps

9 Apr 2015

Saas-Fee End of Season Parade

Saas Fee End of Season Parade

The winter season will finish soon and Saas-Fee will celebrate it with farewell parade. The traditional party will take place on the 18thApril.

The Saas-Fee residents will say goodbye to winter and welcome spring and sun with a proper party and parade. You can join them on the 18th April.

16 Mar 2015

Illuminating mountains in Valais

Illuminating mountain in Saas-Fee

To celebrate the 200th anniversary of Valais joining to the Swiss Confederation a special event is prepared. In a moonless night several of four-thousanders surrounding the valley will be illuminated.

It is the most spectacular event to celebrate the anniversary and for sure, worth seeing. 13 mountains, Allalin, Täschhorn, and Dom, among others, in the Valais Valley will shine at the same time at night.

1 Mar 2015

Saas-Fee audio guide on your mobile

Audio tour in Saas-Fee

If you are planning a walk around Saas-Fee it is worth remembering about the free mobile app. With the audio guide on your phone you can visit four villages in Saas valley.

Audio tours are great way to explore and learn about the Saas Valley's four villages.

29 Jan 2015

Carnival in Saas-Fee

Carnival 2015 Saas-Fee

Fantastic carnival time is not only in Brazil. Actually, spending it in the mountains can be even funnier. This week we recommend Saas-Fee. Other resorts in the Monterosa region will come soon.

Carnival in Saas-Fee will last until the mid-February. The forthcoming Sunday it will be the carnival music concert Fletschi-brätscher on Kreuzboden at 1 p.m., but the main party starts next week.

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