22 Jun 2015

St. John's Eve to start the summer

The procession on the St. John's Day in Gressoney

While Sweden celebrates Midsummer, in many other countries the festivities to officially begin the summer starts on the 23rd June. Tomorrow the St. John's Eve will open the festivities in Gressoney-Saint-Jean, illuminated by the bonfire light.


The festivities start on the 23rd June, the Saint’s Day eve, after dusk with the lightning of Sankt Joahanz fires.

11 Jun 2015

The Monte Rosa Walser Ultra Trail coming soon

Monte Rosa Walser Ultra Trail 2014

It is time to start training for Monte Rosa Walser Ultra Trail. The third edition is coming on the 1st August in Gressoney.


The Monte Rosa Walser Ultra Trail is the event for all skyrunning lovers. Organized by the Association Forte di Bard nell’ Alta Valle del Lys in 2013 it crosses the municipalities of Gressoney-Saint-Jean and Gressoney-La-Trinité.

4 May 2015

Italian triumph at the 20th Mezzalama Trophy

the 20th Mezzalama Trophy 2015

900 athletes run the 20th Mezzalama Trophy, the highest alpine ski mountaineering competition in the world, on 2nd May. The team of Damiano Lenzi, Eydallin Matteo and Michele Boscacci won the race with a time of 5 hours 10’49’’.


Due to weather conditions the first date planned on the 25th April was changed to the 2nd May.

29 Apr 2015

The 20th Mezzalama Trophy on Saturday

Trofeo Mezzalama 2015

It will be Saturday full of emotions. The Mezzalama Trophy will take place on the 2nd May after postponing it last week due to the bad weather conditions. You can watch the race live via online streaming.

The decision was taken after the latest consultation with Luca Mercalli and the Italian Meteorological Society.

27 Apr 2015

The Aosta Valley juniors' triumph in the Mezzalama Jeunes

Mezzalama Jeunes 2015

The junior team from Piedmont/Aosta Valley won over Trento-Dellavalle during the first Mezzalama Jeunes on Friday. Due to the weather condition the 20th Mezzalama Trophy was postponed until next Saturday.

Only youngsters were lucky enough last week. Young sportsmen could begin the first edition of the Mezzalama Jeunes on Friday in Gabiet, Gressoney La Trinité on a sunny day and with almost spring temperature.

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