14 May 2014


In summer, the destination offers more than 400 km of marked hiking trails, a lake for bathing at 2,232 m and mountain-bike trails for every level of difficulty. Mountain climbers can choose among 38 4,000-meter peaks for challenging tours.
Summer skiing also figures prominently, because one can ski and snowboard here throughout the year. As the highest and largest year-round ski area in the Alps, the destination offers an absolute snow guarantee. In winter, 360 km of...

12 May 2014

Cantine Aperte (Visits to Winemakers)

Increasing attention is being paid to the importance of wines as an authentic expression of the peoples and lands in which they are produced.

“Cantine Aperte” is the main event which celebrates Italian wine, its people and local areas. It traditionally takes place on the last Sunday in May...

29 Apr 2014

Second-Hand and Swap Street Market

The Verrès second-hand and swap street market, organised by the Pro Loco, started in 1980 and has recently become a standard appointment for fans of antiques and stuff from attics and cellars. It wanders through the...

22 Apr 2014

Patron Saint's Festival of St. George

Each year the Municipality of Hone organises the patron saint’s day festival of St. George with plenty of initiatives held over multiple days. On the eve of the patron saint’s day, a torchlight procession takes place in the Priod hamlet to reach the square in the town, from where a wonderful fireworks display takes place. In recent years, over the days of the patron saint’s day celebrations, a friendly, not competitive, walking race is held. The...

20 Apr 2014

Randonee & splitboarding in Champoluc

This time of the year it is the randonee ski (and splitboard) that rule the mountain. We would like to share a piece of the beautiful backcountry of Champoluc and Monterosa, in this short movie.

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