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15 Mar 2019

30 Best Female Mountain Climbers & Trekkers Of All Time

30 Best Female Mountain Climbers & Trekkers Of All Time

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The mountain enthusiasts at Mountain IQ are listing the top 30 female climbers and trekkers of all time. And we let these kick-ass women inspire us preparing for this summer’s trek for Solo Ragazze -Ladies Only. 


“Let’s encourage celebration of women and not competition between them especially in the area of adventure where limitations have no place - hiking, climbing and mountaineering!”

On the list is Grandma Gatewood, famous for being the first solo, female thru-hiker of the, the 3489-km path in which runs from Georgia to Maine in the Eastern United States. Given that she started her hiking career at age 67, her accomplishment of being the first person to hike the Appalachian trail three times is particularly impressive, never mind the fact that she completed the journey carrying only an army blanket, a plastic shower curtain and a raincoat all in a homemade denim shoulder bag.

The lists also reveals the identity of the “mysteroius mountain girl”, Jaahnavi Sriperambuduru known for being the youngest woman to have ever scaled Mt Elbrus. She is also a motivational speaker and works for issues like girl empowerment and gender equality. She has started a campaign #AmPrettyTough which advocates the notion of "Let’s look beyond looks".

Read more about Solo Ragazze –trekking for Ladies only


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