25 May 2020

Virtual travels and cooking classes

Virtual travels and cooking classes

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During this particular spring we’ve all been trying to be innovative and think forward.  At TheAlps we have kept in touch with our friends, clients and collaborators through our recurrent Friday webinars. One hour or so, after work, filled with wine, cheese, olives and a scent of Italy. 

It started off with an aperitivo online, followed by a cook-along with Mauro chief at renowned Pepita Café in La Thuile. Then we went to Piemonte and Gattinara to have a taste of Nebbiolo together with Madam Gattinara herself. 

We’ve made a visit to the very heart of Italy, Umbria where we got to experience the philosophy of radical olive oil making. And we couldn’t do this without travelling to Sardinia, so we did, still very virtually. What else? Yes, we got to taste the highest beer in Europe, olive-gin and a really dense witch broth.

If you want to catch up you can see a short version of the virtual travels here.

In June we will be back with and three-part cooking class. There will be an easy to make and enjoy primo, a secondo and off-course a dolce. Let us know that you want to join and we will get back with more info.


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