2 Sep 2019

The Aosta Valley: The Green Beauty

The Aosta Valley: The Green Beauty

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The Aosta Valley boasts a natural heritage of rare beauty, partly hemmed within protected areas, sites belonging to the Natura 2000 ecology network and inimitable Alpine botanic gardens. With the exception of the Gran Paradiso national park, few people are aware of these places and why they are protected. 

The value of beauty is guaranteed by protecting the environment, in order to safeguard its particular features and biodiversity and to maintain the landscape intact. This is why the region is also home to ten nature reserves; humid areas, areas with butterfly populations, migratory birds and many other wonders of nature, as well as the Mont Avic natural park, created in order to protect such unique nature. 

The Aosta Valley owns a unique natural heritage: two parks, ten nature reserves, four Alpine botanic gardens and 19 natural areas which are home to both species and habitats threatened with extinction. 

The Aosta Valley has chosen to make sustainable tourism an important part of what it has to offer visitors, and this project is summed up in the brand name “VIVA - Valle d'Aosta, naturally unique”: a new way of protecting the environment in order to ensure nature can be explored and enjoyed sustainably, following a series of guidelines to promote tourism based on eco-sustainable principles. 

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