Trekking in Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso

Duration: 5 days 
Price: from 1.400 EUR per  person
Level: intermediate
When: June to September   
Max-min persons: 10 - 20            
Included: accommodation in shared rooms, breakfast, pick-nick / lunches during the treks, dinner, personal guidance of experienced TheAlps guide.


Extra: Top tour with Mountain Guide 

This summer's finest trek takes place in one of the wildest and most beautiful corners of the Alps, the Gran Paradiso National Park. Italy’s first National Park served as a groundwork for creation and course of action for all European wildlife sanctuaries. We will not only follow the foot tracks of an extremely rich wildlife, but we will also enjoy local alpine heritage and food.

The trail starts on the Aosta Valley’s Alta Via 2, in Cogne and goes over green meadows, alongside sparkling glacial lakes, through rugged mountain passes and below overwhelming glaciers to Valsavarenche. We are staying at the iconic rifugios of the park.

For the most advanced of you, it will also be possible to reach the peak of the Gran Paradiso at 4061 m, the only one whole Italian 4000. This is a pure and unspoiled alpine experience!

Program proposal
  • Day One 
  • Day Two
  • Day Three
  • Day Four and Five
Linnea trekking in Gran Paradiso

Day one

We meet in the flowering summer village of Cogne, (1534 m), at the heart of the Gran Paradiso Park, of which it is considered the “capital”. The trekking starts from Valnontey just outside town and goes to the historical rifugio Vittorio Sella. Originally a hunting lodge, it was built by King Victor Emmanuel in 1861.The surprising thing about the story of this hut is Victor Emmanuel's transformation from an avid hunter to a stout protector of nature. In fact, it was he himself who ordered the natural and game reserve of Gran Paradiso, this way saving the extinction endangered Ibex. We follow the Alta Via 2 with a fantastic view over the Tribolazione Glacier. It is possible to see chamois, ibex and especially marmots during the walk. The Sella hut has been managed by the Mapelli family for over thirty years. Today the brothers Jean and Maurizio welcome us with love and passion for the mountains. Rustic dinner and overnight stay at the hut (2584 m).

Hut life

Day two

It is always a special feeling waking up on the mountain. In front of us we have a beautiful, long and challenging crossing, with a considerable difference in height, to the Chabod hut (2750 m), from where the summit of Gran Paradiso usually starts. From Rifugio Sella we go up to the Loson pass (3296 m) and descend into the Vallone di Leviona, Valsavarenche still following the path of the Alta Via 2 towards Herbetet (2435 m), one of the best panoramic sites in the whole of the Gran Paradiso National Park, with a succession of incomparable peaks and glaciers. The Federico Chabod hut is waiting for us at the foot of the north-west face of the Gran Paradiso.

Top tour

Day three

Early morning if you choose to do the top tour, reaching the peak of Gran Paradiso, with our local UIGAM Mountain Guide. The rest of the group will stay and rest hiking around the Chabod hut. Summiting the Gran Paradiso is one of the less technical peak climbs in the area, but nevertheless amazing. Waking before the sun goes up and starting the climbing at dawn is a beautiful and unforgettable experience. The guide will help you with rope, crampons and harness and there are a couple of places where it will be crevasses and exposed cliffs. From the top you see all biggest mountains of Europe, from Mont Blanc to Monte Rosa, Matterhorn and Monviso.


Day four

Today we will leave the Chabod hut at a more moderate time, heading downhill, along the hillside, crossing a few streams. The trail climbs upwards again and comes out in a deep valley where the Vittorio Emanuele Hut (2728 m) rests next to the glittering alp lake Moncorvé. This is a perfect place to recover after a challenging tour.

Day five

A gentle descent towards the meadows above Eaux-Rousses village, in Valsavarenche ends our trek this time.