26 Jan 2017

The 1017th Fiera di Saint Orso, 30th and 31st January 2017

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Fiera Aosta

Every year in the end of January, artists and artisans from the Aosta Valley proudly display their works along the streets of Aosta town center. The millenary artisan fair in memory of Saint Ursus is the most important exposition of artisan products and mountaineer art if the alpine bow.

At the fair all of the traditional activities are represented; sculpture and inlay on wood, soapstone, wrought iron and leather working, weaving of drap, a traditional woolen fabric on old-style wooden frame, lace, wicker and house-hold objects.

More than an exhibition of products, it is an occasion to celebrate Aosta Valley's identity. Visitors come here not just in search of a bargain, or a useful, everyday object or something to adorn their home, but also to revel in the unique atmosphere. The topical moment is the “Veillà,” staying awake in the night between January 30 and 31, in which the central streets come alive with music, lights food and drinks until dawn.

In the Middle Ages, the Fair took place in the “Borgo di Aosta”, the area surrounding the Collegiate Church that bears the name of Sant’Orso. Legend has it that it all begun when the Saint, who lived here around the 9th century, stood in front of the church giving out clothes and “sabot”, the typical wooden clogs visitors can still find at the fair today, to the poor. These days the whole of the town center is involved in the event, which takes place both inside and outside the Roman walls.

The town Aosta, is the capital of the Aosta region. The town is an ideal place to stay to explore the rest of the valley. Do you want to know more? Contact us and we will be happy send you our best offer for a stay in Aosta. Or join us for a beer- and wine tour in the region and discover local microbreweries and family run vineyards, as well as beautiful castles and fortresses.


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