11 Feb 2016

Something for the ladies, something for the 50+

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The snow has been falling at the end over the valleys of Monterosa too.

Snow in the Monterosa

I have been walking with my snowshoes on the ancient paths of the first Walser people, who transported their merchandise of salt and silk to the North through Teodul pass. The Krämertal is not a well-known trail today, and the way was not only loaded with fresh snow but also interrupted by branches and stones. Nevertheless, enchanting to wander through silent white forests.

Foreverskiers in Champoluc 2016

In the meantime we had our nice group of Foreverskiers in Champoluc, at hotel Petit Tournalin, a gang of 55 plus guys who ski like gods! And party and have fun together. They do not know each other at the start of the week, but they just become great friends after the rides. Inspiration! If you fit the picture - 55 plus skier and social (or not, it doesn’t really matter) - you are welcome next time in 2017.

Hotel Petit Tournalin Foreverskiers in Champoluc 2016

Ladies on skis

And in the meantime we have our 10-year Jubilar for the ladies' ski trip! Yes, it is so indeed. The ladies go skiing and leave all the duties behind. And they are ready to spend money on themselves, which is brave for the ladies, because otherwise, they used to think of all the others before they think of what makes them happy and alive! Petit Coeur in Champoluc hosted them, la Grange fed them and the sun shined on them even when it was snowing.

Ladies at the Bettaforca 2727m

La Grange

TheAlps is going to Alagna in the next few days, and you should follow us there!

Snow in Champoluc! from TheAlpsInfo on Vimeo.


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