26 Apr 2016

Last weekend of skiing

Last ski weekend in Monterosa

“Everything has to come to an end, sometime.” And it is so with a winter season as well. The forthcoming weekend will be the last for enjoying skiing in Monterosa.

End of season has come, unfortunately. But there is still a chance for the last few rides.

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14 Apr 2016

Monterosaterme awarded

Champoluc Monterosaterme

Monterosaterme is a new hotspot in Champoluc. Now with a prestigious Italian Pool Award 2016.

Italian Pool Award was founded by Piscine Oggi Magazine to promote the Italian excellence in pool design and construction.

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7 Apr 2016

CNN: Champoluc – Europe’s best-kept secret

Champoluc ski resort

Rob Hodgetts prepared for CNN a list of ski resorts that are hidden pearl among Europe’s ski resorts. Champoluc is in second place!

It is the list of 10 ski resorts that are maybe not so well known but for sure they can be recognised as secret treasures hidden in the mountains, waiting for skiers and tourists.

Author: TheAlps

24 Mar 2016

Courmayeur artisan fair

Courmayeur artisan fair

If you are in the Monterosa during Easter, it is worth visiting Courmayeur. On Easter Monday the Valle d’Aosta traditional artisan fair starts in the town.

Stands with the best local products like household and garden wooden items, sculptures,

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22 Mar 2016

Wildlife photography in Fort Bard

Fort Bard

Until June, the 2nd you can visit a fantastic photography exhibition in Fort Bard – Wildlife Photographer of the Year, the most prestigious event within wildlife photography.

It is the first Italian stage of the world tour of the exhibition.

Author: TheAlps
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