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I am passionate about the Alps. They are my heart's home and the place where I would like to spend the last day of my life. I have been a tourist in the village of Champoluc in the Italian Monterosa for all my life and worked as a tourist operator in this area since more than 15 years.

I believe in respect for the special environment of this place that you can find only here. We all gain by enjoying its beauty, while trying to make a minimum impact at the same time. Leave it for our children in the future!

I believe in respect for people who live here with their traditions and culture, language, and work, their genuine products and delicious wines. They open their homes for us, tourists and meet us as their guests, if we are able to open our hearts for them. I have a friend who is a hotel owner and he says that when stressed people from the city come to his place, he tells them to sit down and take a drink before they even begin to worry if they have a room. Perhaps, we can bring a little of their kindness and calmness with us on our way back to the city.

My philosophy is to give back a little of what the mountains and the people from this place have given to me and to my family through my work, to communicate my philosophy and my passion to those who follow me on the blog, and in my trips as a tour operator.

If you would like to visit Champoluc, Gressoney, Alagna or other villages in the Aosta Valley, trek or ski in the Monterosa, discover Sardinia or other places we offer, contact us.

Posted: Feb 14, 2009

Vendator, military discipline and good mood.

Luigi, the owner of Petit Charmant Hotel in Champoluc looked astonished when you told him at 1 am your first evening in the village that you should have breakfast at 7 am. He and I was pretty sure that you change your mind next day, after good food and wine and a couple of nice runs in the deep snow of these first days of February.
Posted: Feb 14, 2009

Thank you my dear guests!

First of all, I want to thank my delicious guests of the last few weeks.

Posted: Jan 9, 2009

Snow, peace and full moon.

The crowd is gone for this time and Monterosa is breathing again; the cars have stopped ingulfing the only street of Champoluc and the usual peace has fallen down on the valley and her inhabitants. Is it good or is it bad? There are different theories: some finds that the tourism has brought only problems to this heavenly place, others see the mixture of tradition and modernity as civilisation. Something in between would be the best obviously, conscient tourism could bring something to all involved. Why taking the car to drive to the lift when there is a shuttle (no 3 really) driving around the valley from early in the morning to late in the night? Why staying in a 100 meters long irritated cue to buy your lunch when you could go a little bit away from the slope to find a refuge with warm exquisite food and the kindest atmosphere? Why not trying a tour with snow shoes or skins instead of racing downhill for once?
Posted: Dec 29, 2008

Crowded slopes, we get lost in the woods

It could not be more perfect: sunshine every day and snowfall in the nighttime. Powder and more powder.

Posted: Dec 25, 2008

Build a Jump and drink a coffee with Dina

These Christmas days flow smoothless, the turist masses have not yet hit the slopes and people have still time to talk - or to spend their hours working the snow to build a jump off pist.
    Please, write to us and ask us your questions, and we will get back to you.