Ski Touring

Ski touring takes you to unspoiled and wild parts of the mountain and can be done even late spring, when the lift system is closed. The Mountain Guides are all authorized UIAGM and very experienced in the area.
Duration: from 1 day Level: from intermediate When: December-May


Following the idea of the ski-safari we have an itinerary that, using the ski lifts and the helicopter, enable us to enjoy the very best tour over the Alps. A weekend of off-pist combined with heli-skiing. We think that the combination of ski lifts and helicopter is the best way of experiencing the snow conditions. The ski days will follow a program based on the meteorological conditions, the snow and the group's technical level, giving priority to the safety of the group. Have fun!
Duration: from 1 day Level: from intermediate When: December-April


Bottomless powder, wide-open terrain and zero lift lines. We offer heli-skiing in and around the Monterosa ski area with over 20 landing spots in the region.
Duration: From 1 day Level: advanced When: December-April

Linneas res

The walk follows signs of Walser life and culture in the region. You will go from one cultural center to another and some information boards will provide useful facts. Going the Great Walser Trail is a way to understand not only the history of the region, but also the some factors and nature that have shaped people’s lives here during several centuries.
Duration: 5-6 days Level: intermediate When: June-September

Ski Safari Dolomites

Experience one of the most beautiful mountain landscapes in the world. Our guides, native from Cortina, will show you the best of the Dolomites on skis, both on and off-piste. You will stay at a different mountain refuge each night and enjoy both conversation with other skiers, local food and wine and a warm atmosphere.
Duration: 5 Level: intermediate - advanced When: January-April