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Stuck in the house

Stuck in the house
Posted: Jan 11, 2018
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Author: Pedro

A snow lover's paradise. It’s been falling and falling. In quota, above 2000 m, it's like two meters the last two days. Here a at Thealps-Stugan about one meter. Last night all the roads from here where closed down due to the risk of spontaneous avalanches, and they remain closed.

Stuck in the house I went down today to my neighbor Massimo. He always has some herbal tea or something for me while he tells stories from the old days. In the summertime he has a wonderful garden full of vegetables and potatoes. Stuff that will last for the winter. Some relative or friend passes him part of a deer maybe and it goes into the freezer. Keeps him going through the winter.

I can tell you when he cooks it smells fantastic with all these wonderful ingredients free of chemicals but full of sun, clean air, rich soil and the freshest of waters you can imagine.

Today he told a story of a big avalanche back in 1920 during his father's time. Two houses, down in the village of Champoluc, were hit and seven people died. The only survivor was a man who had gone into the village to the cigarette store!! Having no phones or other means of communication the church bell was sounded and help came from villages below. Even the priest came to help and it was the first time he was seen without his robe, wearing normal trousers. So Massimo has a lot of respect for avalanches and prefers to stay inside during such circumstances.

He had started this morning making a fire under the stove in the henhouse. The animals were delighted and knew that good food was coming. One of them was old and was placed under his axe.

Now in his kitchen talking to me, he was making stock from the unfortunate hen. It was getting dark and he sent me home with a large bowl of the delicious liquid. One man's misery an other’s fortune, I was thinking, making my way back to the Thealps-Stugan. 

Tonight I will make risotto.



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