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Posted: Jan 24, 2014
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Bartolomeus' thoughts and feelings from our visit at the rifugio L’Aroula in Champoluc:

Bartolomeus' thoughts from our visit at the rifugio L’Aroula in Champoluc


We got treated with a very nice home cooked four course meal. The starter contained of a “tomino caldo con cipolline” which is a slightly heated cheese, called “tomino” served width hot pickled small onions. The main courses contained of something called polenta, a local dish made of corn flour and cheese, served width salsicia, spetsatino and stewed mushrooms. For dessert we got ice cream with whiskey and cream.

Allover food grade **** out of *****

The big favorite was the starter, “tomino caldo con cipolline”. It was served perfectly hot, and the onions were a great mix of sweet and sour and spicy. Of the main courses we liked the spetsatino and mushrooms most. The dessert was just the cherry on top, whiskey and sweets in perfect harmony.


The atmosphere of L’Aroula is stunning; it fits right in to the fairytale kind of feeling that is associated to old places like Cuneaz, the small town where L’Aroula is situated.

So if you are looking for a place to live, or eat, and you want it to be cozy and down to earth L’Aroula is just the place for you.


The hotel has four rooms (One single and three double rooms, one of the doubles have an extra bed). As of this year the also offer the possibility of staying in an apartment. It has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a living room with kitchen and a TV.

All the prices for the rooms you can find here.

Getting to and from:

To get to L’Aroula you can either ski or walk. To get there on skis you will take the piste Ostafa 1 almost all the way down, when you start to see the village of Crest (where you take the lifts in the morning) you will keep to the left where you can see a sign with L’Aroula on it. From there it is just one minute on a small track and you are there. Are you staying just for lunch one day you have two choises ehn you want to get down, either you take a small off piste to the piste Del Bosco, or you can walk on the track you took down. If you however decide to walk, you will walk from the village of Crest up to the point on Ostafa 1 where the sign is, and then it is all the same.


The rifugio is surprisingly up to date with a nice website, one room with a hot tub, and the best surprise of all (for you internet junkies) they have free Wi-Fi.



Barto Capetillo


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