22 Jan 2015

TheAlps at the 1015th Fiera di Saint’Orso in Donnas

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Guests at the fair in Donnas

TheAlps participated in the 1015th Fiera di Saint’Orso in Donnas, one of the oldest fair in Europe. Almost 500 exhibitors and over 10 000 guests enjoyed the beautiful weather in the Aosta Valley last weekend.

The Aosta Valley has a long tradition of woodcarving. The fair in Donnas was a good occasion to see it for yourself.

Canteen in Donnas during Fridays veilla

It started on Friday with so called “veillà”. The Franco-Provencal word indicates the long winter evenings spent with friends and family in… stables. It was a way of gathering together a small community. People could chat, play cards, and curve wood, spun wool and knit.

Nowadays, it is a part of the fair opening. In Donnas during Fridays veillà canteens and wine celeries, that are usually closed, are full of people tasting Italian specialities: fontina chees, polenta, air-dried ham, pastas with beans, and local wines. And everything accompanied by live music played by local groups.

Wood art at the fair in Donnas

On Saturday Donnas’ streets were filled by people that participated in the Torchlight procession dedicated to the artists craftsmen. Finally, the fair came on sunny Sunday with over 10 000 guests and 500 exhibitors.

The fair in Aosta will follow Fiera di Saint’Orso in Donnas, and it starts on Friday, the 30th January. 

Wood art at the fair in Donnas.

Fair in Donnas on Sunday


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