21 Jul 2015

The Matterhorn Story - open air show at 2600 m

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The Matterhorn Story, an open air show

There is still some time to see the Open Air Theatre at 2600 m in Zermatt. “The Matterhorn Story” was prepared to mark the 150thanniversary of the  Matterhorn ascent.


The performance runs until the 29th August on the stage at Gornergrat. Over 40 actors play for almost 700 people gathered in the audience.

“I dedicate my work to the Zermatt mountain guides. The helped wealthy guests during the first ascent and brought world fame to Edward Whymper, while they themselves have been forgotten,”

says Livia Anne Richard, director and author of “The Matterhorn Story”

The story focused on a trial when only three out of seven people return after successful ascent of the Matterhorn. Until 1865 the top was considered invincible and a lot of legends aroused around it. But on the 12th July 1865 Edward Whymper with a support from father and son Taugwalder managed to climb the mountain. Authors of the play say that it is a story of conquest, but also betrayal and death.

To reach international audience the play uses universal language of music. A composer, Bruno Bier accompanies the show, playing the natural-tone, traditional instrument called a hang.

The show is run every week, Wednesday-Saturday at 7:30 p.m. and on Sundays at 2 p.m. Tickets cost 99-129 CHF. It is worth booking tickets earlier.

Languages spoken in the play: Valais German, German, English, but there is also written description available in French, Portuguese, Japanese and Korean.


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