19 May 2015

Mammutrail 2015: now in closed-loop trail Italian Championship

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Mammutrail 2015 

Traditional Mammutrail race in the pine forest in Gaby will start on Saturday, the 23rd May. For competitors and audience there is a new formula to discover.


The Mammutrail competition begins at 8 a.m. in Gaby and as always, lasts for 12 hours until 8 p.m. Both individual runners and relay teams can take part in it. The 12-hour-long individual race was included into the closed-loop trail Italian Championship for the IUTA. It is open so everybody can sign in and prove their strengths. Mammutrail is part of Tour Trail 2015 “Gare amiche”.

It is an unique trail in Italy, developping on a 10,5 km long ring with 600 m o positive vertical drop.

A new formula will be also introduced this year – a 6-hour-long individual competition that starts at 11 a.m. (until 5 p.m.).

The inscription fees costs 40 euros for the individual race in 12 hours and 70 euros for the couples, and to 30 euros for the 6 hours individual race. To participate in a race you must be older than 18 and having a medical certification for practicing competitive races.

Register on a website. You can also sign up even on a very day of competition.



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