1 Jul 2019

Life is better outside

Life is better outside

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Let your small every day adventures enrich your life and spark your next big one. Here are our best tips on how to get some outdoors into your everyday life, even during the work days.  

Before work

Have your breakfast outside. Imagine starting off the day in the nature, if so only for ten minutes. Your breakfast place can be just outside your house, or a nice spot on your way to work.

Hop of the bus one stop early, we now, this is an old trick, but a good one, get of the bus one stop before yours and walk the last block to work. Maybe you can even find an interesting detour.

At work

Take your coffee outside and you will get energized not only from the caffeine but also from the fresh air, nature and the break itself.

Invite your colleagues to an outdoor meeting. Surprisingly often meetings turns out as good outside as in the office. If you need to be seated, use a park with table and benches. Otherwise we suggest you a walking meeting, with recorder to take notes. A bout of exercise can do wonders for getting your and your group's creativity flowing. If we’re too sedentary, we become vulnerable to one set of thought patterns and never try to break out of those strictures. A study published in the NIH indicated that exercise was a surefire way to combat things like mental fog and fatigue, underlining that “physical activity is associated with improved affective experience and enhanced cognitive processing."

After work

Whether you're preparing your dinner in the kitchen, on the BBQ or over an open fire, make sure to eat it outside. With some imagination it will be just as a break on the trail!

Take an evening stroll. You don’t have to run, jog or even power walk. Just head to a place you like for some fresh air and thoughts. An evening dip on your way back makes the evening ritual complete.

Easy but genial: brush your teeth outdoors. This will soon become a (good) habit and a way to wind down in the evening. Brushing backcountry or in the backyard is fun small-scale adventure, especially with kids.

At bedtime

Tent in the garden, or in an easily accessible forest grove and go straight to work in the morning. Or sleep in the hammock (there's without doubt a certain romantic appeal to hanging a hammock out in the wilderness) or on a sleeping mat on the balcony, with nothing between you and the stars.

Find your next adventure

Let your everyday life inspire your next adventure.


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