5 Jul 2016

Disappearing glacier in Zermatt

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Gorner glacier

A new theme trail will be open in Zermatt in mid-July. It will present the fascinating history of the huge glacier, Gornergletscher.

The trail presents the changing history of the Gorner glacier that is the second largest ice field in the Alps. During the 3-hour-long hike you can observe changes brought by climate change in the Alpine area in the past 150 years.

The theme trail starts in Furi, where the tip of the glacier was located in 1869. From Furi the walk takes us southeast to the current tip of the Gornergletscher. Signs along the trail provide more interesting facts about the glacier and its history. Information is in English and German, although with QR code you can have additional text in Italian and French on your phone.

Read more information about the trail.


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