10 Feb 2017

Sauna Gondola in La Thuile

Sauna Gondola in La Thuile
Try the Sauna Gondola in La Thuile.

Yes we know, the Finns where, first, and that they take every occasion to enjoy a steam bath , also at high altitudes. In fact, Finnish Yllä is as far as we know the first and only ski resort with a real sauna gondola.

This winter you can have a taste of a sauna gondola also in La Thuile.

Author: Linnea

6 Feb 2017

Winter is back on track

Freeride Champoluc

It has been a snowy weekend in the Aosta Valley and more is to come this week.
Author: Linnea

26 Jan 2017

The 1017th Fiera di Saint Orso, 30th and 31st January 2017

Fiera Aosta

Every year in the end of January, artists and artisans from the Aosta Valley proudly display their works along the streets of Aosta town center. The millenary artisan fair in memory of Saint Ursus is the most important exposition of artisan products and mountaineer art if the alpine bow.
Author: Linnea

14 Jan 2017

Ski Touring Night Race in Monterosa, Saturday 4th March 2017

Ski touring race

Monterosa Ski Alp is an Alpine ski touring race, with start in the evening and finish late night or early morning, with competitors in teams of two, using classic Alpine techniques.
Author: Linnea

30 Dec 2016

Off-pist weekends in Champoluc

Ski touring in Monterosa

Away from the ski lifts and into deep and high alpine wilderness. Join the Mountain Guides for ski touring Saturdays and freeride Sundays. A great way to discover the mountains together with like-minded and an useful try on occasion before longer excursions.
Author: Linnea
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