Our trips

When you travel with us your holiday will be tailored according to your wants and needs. Whether you are travelling with your family, with a group or as part of a corporate company, we will put the same passion into organising every detail of your trip.

Ski and learn about the Walsers of the Middle Ages, trek and see the Ancient Romans’ Alpine Gold Mines, swim in the emerald waters of Sardinia and experience the magic of the island’s wild inland, or sample the noble Piemonte wines produced according to the long tradition of the last royal family of the Italian Peninsula! Feel free to contact us and tell us about your dreams or ideas for your Italian holiday adventure. Let us make your dreams come true!

We prepared a checklist to make your packing easier. Of course, it depends always on a type of the tour you are going. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

  • Backpack: the size should be determined by how much stuff you need to carry. Don't start with a pack and try to fit your gear into it. Start with the pile of gear that you need to carry, and select the appropriate model to carry that gear. For one day treks we suggest a daypack with a capacity of 30 liters and under. Load the pack and try it on at home, or in a store. A good padded hip belt is a boon for comfort. A hip belt can transfer 80-90% of your backpack’s weight from your shoulders and on to your hips. Waterproof backpack cover is recommended.
  • Ankle-high hiking boots: the most important part of your trekking adventure. If you buy a new pair of boots, go for a longer walk before hitting the trail. Let them first adjust to your feet, it will pay off during longer walks in the mountains.
  • Socks: your socks should be thick enough to cushion your feet and tight enough to fit snugly. Go for synthetics or wool and forget all about cotton!
  • Trekking poles: help improve balance on uneven ground and save your knees out on the trail. Choose telescoping ones, for adjustability and packabilty.
  • Clothes: trekking pants, comfortable shorts, waterproof jacket, fleece jacket or wind stopper, quick dry or regular T-shirts, hat.
  • Other: water bottle (take 0,75l or 1l), sunscreen (high factor), sunglasses, snacks (chocolate, nuts, sandwiches, fruits), medicine (if you take any), plasters, small towel, paper tissues, and painkillers.

Do not forget to pack your documents (credit card, passport, tickets) and your camera!

    Tell us your wants and needs and we will try to plan you the perfect trip