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To be in the mountains together is not only to share an experience of natural beauty, it is also a way of meeting with others away from the usual rules of your daily life. Monterosa is perfect for active travels year around, offering the best skiing, biking and trekking environment you can imagine. Above all, you will find the Italian tradition of good food and wines combined with the kindness of the local hotel owners. We have long personal experience of the Monterosa area, and we will help you tailor the best travel for your group or your company, according to your wishes and your budget. Please, call or e-mail us for a personalized offer.

Our places

We choose places where we feel at home to show you as our guest that they happen to be some of the most beautiful regions in Italy.


It is well known for the wine district Langhe. Barolo, Barbaresco, Barbera are still among the best wines in the world. Home of the Slow Food movement, the culinary tradition here is among the best in Italy. Torino, better known for the epic of FIAT cars, was the country’s first capital before Rome, and the seat of the Italian Royal Family, Savoia. Many beautiful castles, which are nowadays interesting museums, and the city itself witness the great history of this region.


It is located between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea, as a thin laying half-moon. High cliffs fall into the sea and into small beaches with hundreds of lively towns in-between. The coastline is varied and spectacular and history of the region dates back to 350 000 years ago, from caves of the Stone Age, through the self-sufficient Marine Republics of the Middle Ages, to recent touristic era. Sea, mountains, and the incredibly mild climate make this a paradise all year round.


It is more a country than an island: own language and history from all people coming to visit or conquer it from all around the Mediterranean Sea. However, the Sardinian people are too proud to accept foreigners if they want to take over. Tourism even today is on the coast, in some restricted areas. The rest of the island is still agriculture and sheep farms! Horses are sometimes more useful than cars. Rocks and climbing are known among the conossoires and trekking here is a hard-core.

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