Alta Via 1 - a week trekking on selected sections in the Aosta Valley


Duration: 5-6 days
Price: from 1000 € person
Level: intermediate
When: June-September
Max-min persons: not specifed
Included: All nights in hotels and Refugios, breakfast, dinners, transfer Milan-Valtournanche and Gressoney-Milan, trekking guide.


Extra: Lunches and all that is not mentioned in the included section.

Alta Via 1, is known as the Via dei Giganti, or “the giants’ trail”. This trekk covers the northern part of the Aosta Valley and leads you through an incomparable scenery, across the foothills of Monterosa, the Matterhorn and Mont Blanc. We can arrange the entire tour, all the way from Courmayeur to Gressoney, or selected parts of the route.

Program proposal
  • Day One
  • Day Two
  • Day Three
  • Day Four
  • Day Five
Wine travels

Wednesday We arrive to Milan in the afternoon. Our bus takes us to the small medieval village of Bard, with only 132 inhabitants -we know them all, and our four-starred Hotel Ad Gallias, housed in a carefully restored historic building. In the evening we gather for drink to start of the vacation and something light to eat before it's time to go to bed.

Wine travels

Thursday We begin the day at a comfortable pace with buffet breakfast and a historic walk along the Roman road, which leads straight through the village. We will look into some of the remarkable houses and hear the exciting story about when the people of Bard held, a surprised, Napoleon bay for days. On the other side of the ridge, forming a natural border between the Aosta Valley and Piedmont, is the town of Biella with the venerable brewery Menabrea, founded by Giuseppe Menabrea in 1846. Here we visit the brewery with its associated museum. Lunch will be served at Menabreas own restaurant, where the menu is composed in harmony with the golden brew. 

After lunch we head to Carema, ancient land of the Nebbiolo-grape, where wine making is still small-scale and artisanal. Here we visit the village's common wine press, and walk along the ancient wine routes, to one of the wine growers who invites us for dinner - homemade food and good stories guaranteed!

Wine tasting

Friday We prepare for a long and somewhat venturesome day. The region is filled with castles and fortresses of different eras. The castle of Fenis, was first mentioned in historical sources as early as 1242, and a visit here will be today's first stopover. In the classic alpine village of Courmayeur awaits high level adventures. SkyWay Mont Blanc offers us the possibility to climb the heart of the Mont Blanc massif. We will pause at the middle station, at the Pavillon at 2.173 m above sea level, with its wine cellar, Cave Mont Blanc. Those who want will get the opportunity to continue with the cable car all the way up to Punta Helbronner at 3.466 m, and the breathtaking view of an impressive part of the Italian, French and Swiss Alps. 

Once back on solid ground it’s time for lunch. While in the area, we don’t want to miss two of the valley's most particular vineyards, L'Enfer "The hell", where the Pope has its own cultivation plot and Europe's highest wine yards, Blanc de Morgex et la Salle, at 1.200 m, the only grape variety grown here the Prié blanc, a native Aosta variety, still ungrafted.

In the evening we will enjoy a wine tasting with our wine guide in Ad Gallias graceful premises, followed by dinner at the hotel.

Wine harvest

Saturday After breakfast we depart to the regional capital of Aosta. We discover the "Rome of the Alps", founded by Emperor Augustus in 25 BC. The city center inside the well-preserved city wall is car-free and invites to walks at a leisurely pace among attractions such as the Roman amphitheater and the cathedral from the 1100s. At noon we gather at our favourite bar Bottegaccia for a traditional Italian aperitivo before we eat lunch at one of the nice restaurants in town. In the afternoon we get more time for Aosta's many shops and cafes. We meet up again at the family-run and innovative brewery Birra Aosta where we get a guided tour in the production and a taste of the different beers. 

Once back in Bard, in Casa Ciuca, “The Drunken House” our beer connoisseur Cecilia will present a selection of the area's most exciting beers. We eat dinner here a few steps from the hotel.

Forte di Bard

Sunday In the morning we visit Forte di Bard. This impressive fort has a long and not entirely known history. Probably there was a fortification here already in pre-Roman times. Today, the fort houses an avant-garde museum, telling the story of a living, breathing mountain transformed in the hands of mankind. 

Before heading for the airport we enjoy a "Merenda Valdostana" with local delicacies in our own Winery in Pont-Saint-Martin: Enoteca Roma 5. While in Pont-Saint-Martin we will take time to admire the over 2000-year-old Roman bridge. This, one of the largest and best preserved ancient arch bridges in the world, forms both visual and mythological fund to the town.