Privacy Statement

Your personal data and your integrity online

We respect your integrity when you visit our web site. In some cases, as you can see below, we are gathering and storing some of your personal data. In each case, we are committed to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in our handling of your personal data.

Below you can read more about how we are treating your personal data.

What is personal data and what is personal data processing?

Personal data is all information about a natural person who can be identified or who are identifiable, directly from the information in question or who can be indirectly identified from that information in combination with other information. It can be name, email and phone number, but also images.

Personal data processing means managing this information in computer systems wholly or partly by automated means, or processing other than by automated means this data


TheAlps AB, Nacka, Sweden is controller and we do not use any external partners to store or process your data. An exception to this is our subcontractors if you order a trip or a service from us

What data do we collect?

If you only visit our web site, we do not collect any personal data about you, except for cookie information from your web browser. The cookie information you consent to in a separate cookie consent dialog when visiting our site. If you ask us to contact you by filling out the contact me form on our web site, we collect your name, e-mail address and your phone number that we need in order to fulfill your request

Do we share any of your personal data?

Except of sharing personal data in order to fulfil your trip with us, se below, we do not share your personal data with any third part.

Actors who are themselves controllers

In some cases, we may share your personal data with another actor who is itself personal data controller. For instance, it may be one of our sub-contractors, i.e. lift operator, mountain guide, restaurant, or an airline. When your personal data is shared with an actor who is itself controller, the management of personal data is guided by that organizations policy and routines.

How long do we keep your data?

We never store your personal data longer that what is necessary to fulfill your request. If you later order a product or a service from us, we will use your personal data for that order. After a period of two years, we may contact you and ask for renewed permission to keep your data. We will also put your name on our mailing list and you can opt out from the mailing list once you have received one of our mailings.

Your rights

As registered, you have the right to request and receive an excerpt from the register in order to verify what data we have registered on you.

Please contact us if you have questions how we manage your data

If you have any questions about how we manage your personal data, or if you want on excerpt from our register, please contact us by mail on