Trekking in Gran Paradiso

Gran Paradiso

Duration: 5 days 
Price: from 1.450 EUR per  person
Level: intermediate, adults and youths from the age of 13
When: 29 June - 3 July 2018          
Max-min persons: 10 - 20            
Included: Flight, transfer, accommodation in shared rooms, breakfast, pick-nick / lunches during the treks, dinner, personal guidance of experienced TheAlps guide


Extra: Add a couple of days relaxing in Cogne. 

Let this summer's adventure take place in one of the most wild and beautiful corners of the Alps, Gran Paradiso.

Our path through the "paradise" goes over green meadows, alongside sparkling glacial lakes, through rugged mountain passes, below overwhelming glaciers. This is a pure and unspoiled alpine experience.

We will be walking between carefully selected accommodation, cozy B&B's, unpretentious mountain refuges, and then we end with a couple of days of luxurious relax at a real gem, Hotel Bellevue in Cogne.

Program proposal
  • Day One and Two
  • Day Three
  • Day Four
  • Day Five
Lake and refuge Miserin
Day One Arrival to Milan and bus transfer to Champorcher. The journey takes less than two hours. We check in at our comfy B&B and head out for dinner at nicest restaurant in the village, Bistrot De l'Abbe, where the chef adds a magic touch to traditional ingredients. Program presentation with the guides during the evening.

Day Two  We leave Champorcher after a good breakfast. The path is initially wide and gives us a gentle start to the trek. As we cross the river Ayasse for the first time, the trail becomes narrower and steeper, and after passing some old stone buildings, we choose the path towards Refuge Dondena (2185 m) where our lunch table waits for us. We are now continuing along Strada Reale, the royal road, and Alta Via 2, towards our refuge for the night. At the side of the alpine lake Miserin, 2582 meters above sea level, rests our refuge with the same name. Built as a shelter for pilgrims. Here we eat and sleep well closer to the stars. In the twilight and the next dawn we are gazing for ibex, perhaps we will see a whole flock of the shy animals nibbling at the lakeside. 
Marta and Felix reading the map in Gran Paradiso
Day Three After breakfast, where it is honoured that most of the products are traded directly from the producer, we will walk to the next valley. We follow the steep path through the mountain pass called La Finestra di Champorcher, Champorcher's window, at 2 282 meters. Here the snow is still present even during the summer, the terrain is barren and we get the real sense of high altitude trekking. We have lunch at Sogno di Berdze (2526 m) with a view towards the valley of Cogne. We walk along the flowing water that leads to the beautiful waterfalls of the picturesque mountain village Lillaz. From here we choose whether we want to go by bus or walk through the sparsely larch forest. We arrive to our Hotel Bellevue in Cogne. Dinner and amazing SPA experience at the hotel.
Day Four We take the bus to Valnontey. The walk along the ancient mule-track with an incomparable view towards the Valnontey Glacier. Today's goal, for something easy to eat and to rest your legs, is the classic hut Vittorio Sella (2588 m) next to the rangers cabin. We may want to ask a few questions to the hugely passionate and committed guard. Now a very spectacular last stage begins, which takes 5 hours to walk from the refuge, along and below the entire Gran Paradiso massif. Steep slopes on the side, Alpine lakes, animals and viewpoints that show this mighty wildlife from its best side. A fine dinner, starting in the hotel's wine- and cheese cellar, and a good night's sleep helps to round off our adventure.
<The mountain pass at refuge Vittorio Emanuele

Day Five After several days of walking we will have a relaxing Sunday morning in Cogne. The bus back to the airport will pick us up shortly after lunch.