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TheAlps is a travel agency and we have been arranging Genuine Travels to selected destinations in Italy since the end of the 1990s. We offer individual tours, as well as group and corporate travels. Some places in Italy are particularly dear to our heart: the valleys of Monterosa, Sardinia, Piedmont, and the Italian Riviera. We want to share our extensive knowledge and great love of these places with you. Experience their uniqueness with us, through personally tailored trips fine-tuned to incorporate all of your wants and needs.




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Choose the perfect getaway just for you. We offer a selection of programs for individual and corporate clients. Our tours can be tailored just to fulfill your plans and wishes. We travel not only to Monterosa, but also to other regions in Italy like Sardinia, Umbria, Piedmont and Liguria the Italian Riviera.

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20-24 September 2017

Runners Camp

Trailrunning in Champoluc

Welcome to the unique Alpine village of Champoluc, situated among Europe's highest peaks, and to the Runners Camp with Maja Tesch, winner of the world championship in Swimrun. Maja is a passionate trail runner and a soul who moves with absolute joy! 

Runners Camp is for you who want to challenge yourself while meeting new inspiring people. You have to enjoy running, and have no fear of hills ... that’s it! 

The long weekend offers a variety of running in a beautiful setting. Along winding paths and over beautiful pastures, always with impressive mountain peaks in sight. During the days on the mountain, we measure our progress by collecting altimeters and we sharpen our technique.

Trail running in Champoluc

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10 Jul 2017

Packing for trekking

Packing for trekking
Are you going trekking this summer? We prepared a checklist to make your packing easier. 
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