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TheAlps is a travel agency arranging Genuine Travels to selected destinations in Italy and the Alps since the end of the 1990s. We offer individual tours, as well as group and corporate travels. Our guests love skiing, trekking, fresh air, stunning views, tasty food, great wines and inspiring meetings.

”Big mountains are our home”

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Latest offer: Gran Paradiso on Alta Via 10-14 July

This summer's finest trek takes place in one of the wildest and most beautiful corners of the Alps, the Gran Paradiso National Park. For the most advanced of you it will be possible to reach the peak at 4061 m.



Trekking on Alta Via in Gran Paradiso

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13 May 2019

How to choose the perfect trekking boot

How to choose the perfect trekking boot
Many of our guests ask us how to choose the perfect pair of shoes for their trek. So we thought it would be a good idea to share some insight about shoe fitting, different types of hiking boots and when to opt for which kind. In the end you want to maximize the comfort and stability on the trail and minimize the weight.

It is all about how and where you trek. The how is about you, your feet, walk and how much you have to carry on your walk. The Where is about the trail, the ground, the gradient, distance and the climate.

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