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TheAlps is a travel agency and we have been arranging Genuine Travels to selected destinations in Italy since the end of the 1990s. We offer individual tours, as well as group and corporate travels. Some places in Italy are particularly dear to our heart: the valleys of Monterosa, Sardinia, Piedmont, and the Italian Riviera. We want to share our extensive knowledge and great love of these places with you. Experience their uniqueness with us, through personally tailored trips fine-tuned to incorporate all of your wants and needs.




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Choose the perfect getaway just for you. We offer a selection of programs for individual and corporate clients. Our tours can be tailored just to fulfill your plans and wishes. We travel not only to Monterosa, but also to other regions in Italy like Sardinia, Umbria, Piedmont and Liguria the Italian Riviera.

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4 - 8 October 2017

Beer and wine tour in Northern Italy

Join us for a beer- and wine tour in the very north of Italy, Piedmont and Aosta Valley, and discover local microbreweries and family run vineyards, as well as beautiful castles and fortresses. Everything at the foot of the highest Alpine peaks. 

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8 Sep 2017

The toughest race in the world

The toughest race in the world
The whole Aosta valley is waiting for the eight edition of the endurance trail race Tor des Géants. The name, meaning Tour of Giants, in the local language Valdôtain patois, refers of course to the region’s many Four-Thousanders sourronding the trail. 

The tour follows the two high-level treks Alta Via 1 and 2, passing through both Gran Paradiso Natural Park and the Mont Avic Regional Park, covering a total of 336 km with an altitude range of 24,000 meters (like climbing the Mont Blanc five times).
Author: Linnea
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